Tell your story


Everyone has a story, but the question is do you want it to be told? Do you want to write a book but unsure of where to start and have loads of questions?
Then this course is for you!!!!

YEME creative book starter workshop covers the basic fundamentals to get your story on track to go out into the world!

Over the years everyone always asks me how I started to write my book, how I kept focused and how did I get my book published, as well as many other questions! I want to share with you the answers to these questions plus many other tips from my insight and knowledge as author, writer and blogger!

The YEME creative book starter workshop looks at the journey of starting a book to finishing it and covers areas such as:

  • Planning and organising your story
  • The secret to my success- my technique for writing a book
  • Truths and myths behind releasing a book
  • Learn the difference between publishing and self publishing
  • Insight into journey of becoming an author
  • Help to develop a writing schedule and key tips on staying disciplined and focused on your project
  • Marketing your book and how to arrange book events
  • Book cover design
  • BONUS- one to one follow up session with me

Plus much more!!!

This one-day course is for those wanting to write their story and is especially aimed at those who want to be empowered to find their voice. My experience is in writing non-fiction work. A book editing service will also be available in the near future.

Course available soon. To register your interest email and you will be contacted of date of next course.