Empowerment coaching

Do you want to live an Empowered Life?


What if I told you that it is possible to live the life you want?

If somebody said this to me twenty years ago I never would have believed it. Back then I was in a mental health facility because of a mental breakdown. Clinically depressed and broken by traumatic life experiences I had given up hope of believing things could change. As a matter of fact, I did not think it was possible for someone like me. My self-esteem and confidence were low. I was surviving not thriving.

Fast forward to my life now: I am healthy and healed. I am an Author, Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Empowerment Coach, Leader and Visionary- and so much more!

I have not just arrived at this place of living an empowered life. It has taken strength, prayer, determination, courage and years of hard work to develop me. I know how difficult the journey can be when life experiences cause you to be stuck. These experiences have a tendency to influence hope and future decisions because they are viewed from our current state. Rather than make choices that empower and enrich life, we can sometimes find past circumstances and mindset dictate what we should expect and deserve. I was once in this place but not anymore!

I learned that unless you take a step to TRY and pursue what you want the chances are you will continue to be stuck in a cycle of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. I want you to know that change is possible. As an Empowerment Coach I can support you on your journey to find solutions to achieving your goals so that you can define your personal success.

So what is Empowerment Coaching?

Empowerment coaching is about helping you to gauge and understand where you are currently in your life and supporting you to work towards your goals. We work together in a collaborative partnership to create the change you want. Empowerment coaching is not counselling although people who complete counselling find this is the next step on their personal journey. As a Coach, I provide supportive empowerment to help you refocus your life. To encourage you to let go of any fear, doubt and other challenges that have held you back from exploring your full potential.

As a Professional Certified Empowerment Coach I can help you:

Help you look at solutions to help you unclutter and simplify your life.

Work with you to develop a personal action plan to work towards your goals and support you in getting started.

Help you identify your goals and create a time-effective step-by-step plan to achieve your objectives.

Help you source tools and resources to support you.

Develop a new routine to help you engage in activities that support personal development

I do individual and group empowerment coaching sessions

All coaching programs include a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your needs. Coaching sessions are up to 8 weeks in duration depending on individual circumstances and desired outcomes suitable to your time and schedule. There is also the option of additional sessions. Sessions are done virtually via zoom or MS teams (face to face also considered).

In spite of the challenges and difficulties of life, the impossible can happen. So get in touch today and take your first step to start living an empowered life.


    I am not able to list my top five greatest priorities in life.

    I frequently wonder where my life is heading and where I want to go.

    Most days, I do not know exactly what I want for myself.

    If asked to describe me in one sentence or less, I would have difficulty.

    I am sure that other people know themselves better than I know me.