YEME (Yvonne.Ellis.Media.Events) EMPOWERMENT seeks to empower lives through the influence of media, education, communication and social interaction.

All endeavours are designed to educate and empower people affected by sexual abuse and the challenges surrounding it, including issues faced by those who have experienced the care system, and to help people build self-esteem and confidence. By accessing the resources that I have created from my lived out experience, expertise, skills and knowledge, I hope to bring motivation and transformation to lives. YEME EMPOWERMENT also specialises in niche events, that raise awareness or celebrate the work of those who empower the lives of people affected by socially challenging issues.

YEME EMPOWERMENT works with and advises agencies, charities, groups, individuals and professionals in relevant fields to support groups affected by such issues, and aim to train and equip survivors in the U.K and worldwide to ’empower’ others, by providing training and guidance to those seeking to set up support infrastructures where needed to help break down the stigmatisation and isolation of specific groups.

From publishing books to coaching, training, inspirational speaking and staging events, the aim is to empower lives, and by living the ’empowered life’ by example, I hope to inspire and help people across the world to do the same.