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The key to a successful event is made up of a number of things. It is the ingredients that make a memorable event (for all the right reasons!)

Recently I was Event Manager for the foster carers reception. This event celebrates the fantastic work and dedication that Foster Carers do to look after children in council authority care. Awards, a three-course dinner, speeches and recognition of achievements marked the celebration of the evening. Even though I have done this event many times before, this was special for me. It was my first time doing it under my company YEME Empowerment. YEME Empowerment events are all about bringing together people to celebrate the empowerment in lives for the good. The evening went well. Over 200 hundred people attended and the feedback from guests and staff was amazing. Every year after each event I always reflect and ask myself “what could I do better?”

Regardless of the wonderful compliments and feedback, which is always appreciated, I continue to aspire to do everything with excellence and maintain a high standard. This has always been my aim as an event manager, and I have learned a lot from coordinating and planning events of different sizes. I believe the key to a successful event is seventy per cent planning and organisation and thirty per cent execution. If you want to be an Event Manager, you have to think on your feet and deliver under pressure. I want to share with you 3 key tips  I have found important in planning an event, whether large or small.

Good communication and relationships – In the first instance, this is most important with the client. I build a good relationship with the client by listening. Good communication builds trust. Without trust, it will be hard for the client to trust you with the vision of their event. Listen to their ideas; write down the details of what they want and ask questions. If something in the brief might prove difficult to accommodate or needs to be changed discuss with the client. Part of my job is to look for alternatives and present options and solutions. It could be presenting an idea they have not thought of before. It is also of the same importance to build good communication with suppliers, attendees and anyone else involved in the event.

Efficiency – Planning details and getting tasks done on time is key to productivity and key to a successful event. Being efficient will help you know where you are at all times in regards to delivering the event. It, therefore, helps make my role easier so that I can ensure the event will be delivered to the client expectations.

Flexibility – Changes can arise at any time when dealing with different people and elements involved in planning an event. I always think ahead and have a plan B because even on the day unexpected things can happen. You cannot be rigid in your plans as an event manager, you have to be able to adapt to changes quickly!

It takes time to get a great balance to create the perfect ambience for an event. Hard work and dedication is a must. But when I see the end result of a happy client and the guests enjoying the moment, it is really rewarding.

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