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It was after a speaking engagement several years ago that the spark of exploring my capabilities was awoken by the words of a lady who was in the audience. “You have the gift of empowering others,” she said. I didn’t recognise what I had at the time as a ‘gift of empowerment,’ but I knew I had something special to offer the world judging from the reactions of people who heard me share my life experiences, and the countless conversations I have had since with people who said I encouraged or helped them in some way. I realised over time I have the ability to inspire hope in the lives of people who have been through life challenging events and make an impact for the better. Inspiring, encouraging and influencing others is not something that can be learnt or studied for, though knowledge can enhance and increase it; it is my belief that it naturally comes from within. Empowerment has become my vision.

It was five years ago that I had an epiphany moment. I realised I could further use my life experiences, skills and talent to educate and empower people via different avenues that encouraged better outcomes in the future. That is how I came up with the concept of YEME EMPOWERMENT. I wrote down my vision of creating a company that brought together all that I was good at under one roof, as for years I have been doing all the components separately. It was only a year ago after my confidence grew significantly that I decided to step out and push forward in making my vision a reality. I sounded off my ideas to my Husband, spent late nights writing down all I wanted to achieve, how I was going to set about doing it and dreamed big; today I present to you YEME Empowerment.

I have worked tirelessly to get my vision to this day. At the beginning of 2017, I set timelines of things that needed to be done and followed each goal through. It was hard at times. Besides working a part-time job, being a Wife and Mother, Founder and Director of peer support organisation for survivors of sexual abuse, there were setbacks and moments of discouragement. It was in those moments of the unexpected that I had to dig deep within and become my own cheerleader to push through the tiredness and lapses in confidence. But what stopped the fire in me from going out was my belief that I could make a difference. The passion I had for my vision helped me to persevere through it all and produced much creativity in my life.

If you are someone who has the vision to do something extraordinary but lacks belief in your abilities, I want to encourage you that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. It does take hard work, sacrifice, passion, determination and a steely belief in your vision; you have to be consistent and persistent in pushing it forward come whatever. Believe in your vision even if no one else does; it is achievable; small steps win the day. If you need help to get on track to achieve your vision why not find out more about YEME Empowerment coaching? http://www.yemeempowerment.com/empowerment-coaching/

Some people may not think of my achievement as a big deal but coming from the background I have with the mindset I inherited because of my past experiences, this is a significant moment for me. At one point in my life I was unsure of my future yet because of faith, discipline and courage you are witnessing the beginning of a new and amazing journey unfold for me; and maybe it will be the start of something incredible for you too.

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